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  • Vanity Hair Extensions, Inc is seeking Venture Capital to expand its operations nationwide.

    Hair Extensions are among the hottest cosmetic trends of the $160 billion per year world-wide beauty industry.

    According to the US Census Bureau, Americans spend more on beauty each year than they do on education.

    Bottom line people like to look and feel beautiful.

    Women, who drive most of the demand for higher-end hair services, are increasing their use of Hair Extensions.

    It makes them feel better about themselves when they look good – even in these tough economic times, woman will always find the money to make themselves look and feel better!

    It is the Mission of Vanity Hair Extensions to set the standard of excellence in the beauty industry for Hair Extensions.

    Our dedication to excellence joined with our depth of understanding and experience will enable Vanity Hair Extensions to emerge as the premier provider of products, training and services.

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    Hair Extensions are Hot!

    The hair industry follows Hollywood and the Fashion Industry.

    Today, more than ever, pop stars, movie stars and fashion models are using hair extensions.

    These Celebrities are touting short cuts one week and long flowing hair the next, all done with the use of hair extensions.

    Society judges us by our looks, and hair has become a measure for the way we see ourselves within the society.

    Everyone feels better after a hair service and good looks enhance ones’ personal life.

    Therefore, it is reasonable to say, wearing hair extensions is a way to affect how society sees us.

    We will do almost anything to make an impression, and we will always find money to feed our vanity.

    The time is right for Vanity Hair Extensions Inc., A Hair Extensions Company that provides the reputation, skill, knowledge and products to take hair extensions to the next level!

    A complete Business Plan and Power Point Presentation are available upon request.

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