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Transform the look and feel of your hair with hair extensions

A lot of the problems that we experience with our hair can be solved with the help of hair extensions. This may seem like a vast statement to make but think about it; a lot of us often wish our locks were longer or had more volume; extensions solve both of these issues as well as give you the option of experimenting with colour and shape. Think about it, whatever style you want to achieve for your hair you are likely to achieve with the help of hair extensions.

They allow you to wear your hair both up or down with ease and can easily be applied by a licensed professional hair extensions specialist. If you do decide to have hair extensions applied there are a number of aspects that you need to keep in mind, one of these aspects revolves around the fact you look after your extensions in the same way that you would look after your natural locks. You can wash dry and style them quickly and effectively. However it is important to keep these following points in mind; you need to use extra moisturizer on your locks every two to three days, the reason for this comes down to the fact they don’t receive your natural scalp oils so they need moisture added to them with every wash. So what would happen if you failed to provide your extensions with the moisture that they require? Basically your hair would become brittle, leading it to break easily causing you to suffer split ends.

When you are washing or styling your locks, it goes without saying that you should always treat them with respect, this is a thought that is backed up even more when it comes to your hair extensions. Remember, unlike your natural locks they can’t grow back so pulling hard on them with a brush or burning them with a blow dryer could cause severe damage; they cost you a lot of money so make sure you get as much use out of them, rather than overly damaging them.

When it comes to treating your extensions with respect it is important that when brushing them you use what is known as a paddle brush and slowly work your way through the hair. It is important that you ensure you have all of the knots out of your locks before you wash them, go swimming or go to sleep.

Another important consideration to keep in mind where your extensions are concerned is the fact your natural locks will grow on average about 1 to 1 1/2 inches every six to eight weeks. When you have had your extensions in for this amount of time it is important that you return to your salon to have the bonds between your locks and extensions checked for damage; it is also during this time that your stylist will be able to remove the extensions and replace them if you want them placed back in.

Regular aftercare such as the above will ensure that your hair continually looks gorgeous and that everything is still ok with your bonds; this will also ensure that you get as much wear out of them as possible, so make sure you keep all of the above in mind when it comes to gaining hair extensions.

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