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The Grey Hair Pill

Model 47L’Oreal made headlines when they revealed they are developing a pill that will prevent grey hair, It is still in the research phase and years from release, but it sounds like great news for the future. The catch is that you would have to take this pill every day for the rest of your life, or at least until you no longer care about having grey hair. And another point is that this pill may not reverse existing grey hair. There are actually quite a lot of road blocks ahead before L’Oreal has a proof positive anti-greying pill, but this is a huge benchmark in the grey hair research.

Many are questioning the claims of L’Oreal and think they jumped the gun when there are still years of research before they can release the pill, but we know how long it takes and the many phases of research. Having a proof of concept is a huge step in any research project. Several years ago, after Isaac Bracha (President of Hair & Compounds, Inc.) received his training in Human Hair/Cosmetics Interactions Fundamentals and Methodology from Princeton, he brought back news of several research projects happening at the university. One project he told us about was developing a drug for preventing grey hair – this was in 1997! At that time, it seemed as fantastical as the project for manipulating melanin pigment to change the hair color without chemical oxidation applications. Perhaps one day there will be a pill to make one a red head or a blond!

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