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Indulge in Red Velvet without the Calories; Try Red Hair Extensions

Model 43Red Velvet is more than just a dessert, it can be a the perfect beauty accessory. Think rich luxurious flowing red hair, who wouldn’t want to indulge? Lighter Ivory skin-tones look great with cool red hues. Colors in the red family with a bit of brown are very flattering on yellow-based complexions and olive skin tones look best with darker reds such as burgundy.

We have red in 7 different shades. Ginger (Red 7), Copper (Red 6), Rust (Red 5), Bronze (Red 4), Crimson (Red 3) and Merlot (Red 2).

A great way to add life and dimension to hair is to add highlights. Instead of going with the usual highlights with dye, try hair extensions. Not only does it allow you to mix multiple colors, but it also adds volume.  Some of the lighter shades are perfect as a highlighter. For example, the Ginger (Red 7) or even the Bleach 7 would accentuate a dirty blond hair color and add tons of life to dull drab hair.

Dyeing to Maintain Red Hair Color?

If you have ever had your hair dyed red, you know the upkeep it takes to keep that hue fresh and bright. Every 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll need a touch up. Red hair dye is among the hardest to maintain for a simple reason. When you artificially color your hair with red dye, you are introducing color molecules that expand with the aid of hydrogen peroxide and trap themselves under the cuticle layer in the cortex. Artificial reds are the smallest molecules and are the easiest to dislodge and wash out.

Here are some techniques we can use to extend the life of red hair:
1) Anti-oxidants that can slow fading and act as a sunscreen to protect hair from sun damage.
2) Try to wash your hair as little as possible. Dry shampoo comes in handy to freshen up oily roots and maintain hair styles.
3) Use color enhancing shampoos and conditioners specifically for red shades. Most likely, they will contain less harsh substances that accelerate color loss.
4) Keep hair well moisturized with conditioners and treatments.
5) Get a Red Cellophane gloss treatment. It enhances the color, seals it and adds a glossy finish that lasts up to 6 weeks.
6) Use Cool water to wash your hair, especially when rinsing conditioner out.
7) Avoid using hair dryers and other heated styling tools.
8) Want a natural way to enhance color? Try beet juice, carrot juice or Henna; leave on for 1 hour, then rinse.

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