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How to Care for Hair Extensions

How to Care for Hair Extensions
How to care for hair extensions should be part of the initial experience of having hair extensions installed and discussed in depth with the stylist. Everyone that habitually wears hair extensions knows that the key to keeping them looking natural and feeling silky soft is minimizing heat and mechanical stress in addition to increasing moisture content using hair treatment products. Knowing how to care for hair extensions does require as much attention as selecting and installing the right kind of human hair and hair extension attachment method. To get the best value out of the initial investment the clients must take care of their scalp, their own hair and the hair extensions and not with substandard products. Often people select their hair treatment products based on scent, cost and brand name leaving it a guessing game if the products actually do any good. 

Moisture is the most important element when understanding how to care for hair extensions!

Finding products that were formulated for dry, processed or damaged hair is a guessing game for the consumer because reading the label doesn’t inform us of what these long term ingredients mean or do for the hair. Unlike food products that at least attempt to give us information of fat, sugars, carbs and calories, very few people know what is Behentrimonium Methosulfate and what it does for the hair. And there is no regulation for descriptor phrases like “adds shine” or “repairs damaged hair”. Wondering how to care for hair extensions and having gone through the frustration of trying to solve hair tangle problems, smooth and shiny hair extensions or fixing frizzy hair in our production we know exactly how difficult it is to find a good product that will work on this type of hair. And it always comes back to moisture content and how this effects the strength of the hair.

Hair extensions are all processed in one way or another. Even virgin Russian hair has to be cleaned, drawn, hackled, blended and then made into hair extensions. By this time, it is already drying out and will continue to do so as it no longer benefits from the sebum oils of the scalp. In most cases, the hair must be bleached and dyed to color match and many manufacturers remove cuticles and apply permanent waves. This is after the hair has been worn and weathered for at least 5 years but most likely 10 years to get a good ponytail of 20″ length. Maintaining the integrity of the hair while keeping it look natural as possible is very hard work so it is critical, even in production, to work with hair treatment systems that actually give as advertised. And most hair care companies do not design their products for hair extensions nor do they know anything about how to care for hair extensions. Our workers at both the factory and in our quality control office must know how to care for the hair extensions from cleaning to tangle testing to conditioning for maximum quality results.

When we decided to make our own hair care products for production, we tested every recipe and product available upon our bulk hair in the factory. We taught the chemists at the formulators all about how to care for hair extensions and how a good conditioner must give more moisture and smoothing properties than normal. Ionix is the only hair care line for hair extensions and hair replacement that was specifically created and formulated in our lab. We use all of the Ionix products on a daily basis in our hair processing applications. Our Ionix line is an excellent choice to maintain natural or bleached blond hair and damaged hair (split ends, dry hair, over-processed hair). Hair & Compounds is the only company that processes human hair (Indian and European) and offers a wet line that was has been developed to work in conjunction with the hair we sell. When you buy the wet products from us (shampoos and special conditioners), you can rest assure that these are the highest quality products. For that reason we apply them in our production department on a daily basis. Between our India factory and the US headquarters we process hundreds of pounds of hair every month. There is no other company we know of that controls the formulation process from beginning to end; this ensures the highest quality in our products. These products were scientifically designed for hair extensions and cut human hair.

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