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Since the early days of the Egyptians, hair extensions systems have existed. Contrary to popular belief, that hair extensions were used for thinning hair, in actuality, hair extensions systems were used as cosmetic adornment that were used by both genders. In addition to cosmetic vanity, wigs served another purpose as well. To avoid infection of head lice, Egyptian men shaved their head but wore wigs to protect them from the different elements.

As time progressed, Asian countries learned to process and manufacture hair extensions to be sold all over the world. Like now, most of the hair extensions and wigs manufactured back then consisted of human hair. The main difference was the way they were applied to the wearer.

Whereas now, we have fusion techniques, clip on hair extensions and strand bond weaving, back in the day, they were fastened with a thread to the wearer’s natural hair. Wigs were coated with beeswax or plant resin so that they could be secured to the wearer’s scalp or natural hair.

As more things change, more things stay the same. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of hair extension products that are out in the market place. As long as society continues to judge people through their looks, hair extensions will continue to play a vital role. Everyone always loves to have nice hair! For whatever purpose you use wigs and hair extensions systems, we hope that they will inspire you to feel and give you a sense of all the possibilities that can be created.

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