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Easily and Instantly Add Hair color, Volume; Texture to Your Hair!

Hair Extensions … their commonly accepted name does not do them justice. Professional hair extensions are not just for extending the length of your hair. Hair extensions will instantly add exciting new haircolor and highlights without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Extensions will easily build endless new volume and texture to your thin and lifeless hair. The desire for beautiful volume and texture is evident with the abundance of volumizing hair products, hairstyling tools and professional texturizing salon services. They also allow you to creatively express yourself with ornamental crystals and feathers. Instead of creating the illusion of hair color, volume or texture with these products and tools, another option is to actually add them with professional salon hair extensions.

Haircolor is very popular today, with over 75% of women now coloring their hair and a growing percentage of men following suit. Unfortunately, most men and women today are unaware or uneducated to the benefits of adding hair extensions for haircolor rather than using harsh chemical dyes. For example, Vanity Hair Extensions at Element Salon offers 81 unique haircolor shades in three different hair textures. With this many options, you are bound to find a haircolor or highlight shade that you just can’t leave the salon without. With hair extensions, there are no surprises. The best thing about hair extensions for color is that it will not damage your hair, yet they will provide you with the complete haircolor or highlights you’ve always wanted. You can select your haircolor shades and blends, without any guessing games.

Do you want more than just the normal haircolor or highlights? Consider adding permanent or temporary fantasy haircolor, feathers and crystals to creatively express yourself. Vanity Hair Extensions at Element Salon offers an array of fantasy haircolor shades; some including apple green, bright yellow, pink, violet, orange and many more. Dual-tone fantasy haircolor extensions are also available for those women and men who want something extraordinary. Exotic haircolor shades not enough? Try accessorizing your hair with feather and crystal extension ornamentations. These are perfect for parties, weddings, proms, upstyles, special occasions or just a fun night on the town.
Women today are constantly trying to add endless volume to thin and flat hair. We all want the voluminous, shiny hair like we see on the Hollywood celebrities as well as on the television commercials and billboards. This can easily and instantly be achieved by simply adding professional hair extensions. You can choose to either have a full head of hair extensions for maximum volume or have your hair extension artist strategically place extensions where volume is needed the most. You no longer have to try product after product to get the results you want. Don’t forget that you can also add texture, haircolor and highlights while adding volume with your new hair extensions. The combinations are endless!
Hair extensions are the best way to add hair color, volume, texture and length to your hair. The application methods used by VANTIY HAIR EXTENSIONS cause virtually no damage to the clients hair, and hair extensions are an easier, longer lasting alternative to chemical hair color products, harsh bleaches and other hairstyling tools. Get the hair you’ve always dreamed of with professional hair extensions. Whether its length, haircolor, volume or texture that you want, hair extensions are your hair dream come true!

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