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Hair Extensions for Men

VHE Web Photos 023Hair extensions are no longer just for women. A growing number of men are opting to try out hair extensions for different reasons. Some are looking to mask their hair loss; others are doing it to try a new color or style, while some may simply be seeking to cover up a bad new haircut. Here are some tips on how to best accommodate men seeking extensions.

1) Ease their worries. It takes a lot for most men to talk themselves into visiting a salon to try getting hair extensions, so it is important to make them feel comfortable about their decision. Let them know that they are not alone and that trying hair extensions is a growing trend among men.
2) Inform them. Talk about how thinning hair can be easily camouflaged by well-placed low and highlights. Discuss the types of products they should use to achieve the perfect natural look. Give tips on how to make their hair look thicker with the help of specific products and application techniques.
3) Show them examples of the end result. Photos from professional magazines or your previous clients will serve this purpose very well. Don’t forget to point out that virtually all men who try hair extensions gain a new confidence from having them.
Men can be valuable clients too. As with any other customer, you should know them and their needs. Once you give men the attention they want to discuss a sensitive topic and give them guidance, they will quickly grow into a loyal customer.

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