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Hair Elasticity and Breakage

Hair’s elasticity is the measure of how well the hair will return to a normal state after being stretched. When wet, healthy hair will stretch up to 50% of its original length and return to its normal shape without breaking, while dry hair will only stretch about 20%. Hair’s elasticity comes from the side bonds in the hair shaft.  The better the elasticity, the stronger the hair. Listed below are the steps to help you determine the elasticity of your hair:
Elasticity Test
Step 1: Take at least four strands of hair from different areas of the hair.
Step 2: Make the hair wet.
Step 3: Hold one end of a strand in each hand and pull the hair taut to stretch it.

ElasticNormal elasticity = the strand stretches and then returns to normal after you release it.
Low elasticity = the hair snaps or does not return to its original length.

Test each of the four strands separately. Make your decision based on the average result of the “stretch tests.”
If you have low elasticity, the bad news is that your hair is very susceptible to breakage and is a high risk for hair extensions. It is not recommended to apply extensions that attach with clips or rings. You would be better off with fusion type hair extensions with low volume (to keep added weight of hair low) and use small strands to reduce stress. When it comes time for removal, your stylist should make sure the hair is wet for added strength to avoid breakage. Wet the hair with coconut oil for best results – this will not only increase the hair’s strength but reduce friction and help break down the bonds.

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