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Flat Iron Hair Extensions Safely

Straight hair

Moisture loss is the main cause of hair extensions to lose luster, resulting in dry frizzy hair. The best way to maintain the quality of hair extensions while still using styling tools is to use little to no heat. The occasional use of your flat iron on extensions is okay in most cases.
If you do decide to use a flat iron or curling iron, its ideal to follow these guidelines to prevent as much damage as possible to your extensions.
1) Always use a heat protector like Pureology’s Nano Glaze, and
only flat iron freshly shampooed dry hair. If your hair is dirty, the oils will adhere to the iron causing it to burn as it straightens.
2) Limit the frequency of use to reduce the amount of damage it can cause.
3) Make sure your hair is completely dry by letting it air dry, or blow dry sections before ironing.
4) Keep the temperature on low to medium heat and work with small sections. This allows you to achieve straight hair with less heat.
5) Be sure to use proper styling tools. Flat irons with tourmaline, ceramic and titanium metals tends to heat more evenly and are less likely to cause damage to processed hair.

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