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Balancing Liquid Tension to Hair Energy

Surface tension is a property of the surface of a liquid. It is what causes the surface portion of liquid to be attracted to a solid surface. Surface energy is the property of a solid. There must be a perfect balance of the two for maximum bonding.
Liquid Tension
Extensions are manufactured hair that goes through a rigorous chemical process that changes the amount of energy on the surface of the hair. Every surface has a measurement of energy and every liquid has a measurement of tension based on ions. Since the surface energy has changed, the surface tension in products needs to be changed to properly affect this specific type of hair. If the balance of the product is not right for the hair, the product will either slide off without affecting the hair or bond too strongly creating build up.
Because hair has a negative charge, manufacturers design their shampoos to have a negative charge, so that shampoo will not adhere and absorb into the hair. Conditioners are designed to have a positive charge so that it will adhere with the negatively charged surface of the hair without leaving deposits.
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