About Us...

The three founders of Vanity Hair Extensions have over 60 years of combined hair practice, and knowledge.

Their experience includes owning and operating seven hair salons.
Doing hair and make up for movies, commercials, rock bands, talk shows, celebrities, and pageants.
Apprenticeship program for hair stylists.
Being guest educators in hair schools and platform artist for local hair shows. Creating a hair extension company and branding their own line of hair extensions and tools.

The love for the beauty business is a family affair- 3 generations deep and growing wide!
Grandma, Mom, Dad, Daughters, Aunt and Cousins have created successful careers in cosmetology, nails, lashes and esthetics.

The hair extension skills and expertise have been cultivated for over 30 years.
For VHE, the hair extension journey began in 1989, long before the “hair extension trend” was a thing.
It started with glue bond extensions and sewn in wefts- At that time, the hair quality was minimal at best, and human hair was difficult to work with.

The next method used in the salon was a synthetic hair extension, it required two people to work together forming a four strand braid to secure the bond, then heat seal to set it. Synthetic hair is tangle free and natural looking, and this was the primary method used for 15 years.

As the demand for hair extensions increased, human hair quality improved, more sources to purchase hair emerged, and new methods became available.
The Team began teaching glue- bond hair extensions in 2004, and soon
I-tip, keratin bonds, tape in extensions, and the invisible bead / weft combo, were added to the salon menu and hair extension training.

The Vanity Hair Extension brand was conceived in 2008, with the foundational principle, “There is not just one method of extensions, for all hair”.

It is the VHE vision, to teach every method of hair extension and create multi-versed master extension artists.
As an independent, small company, focused on working behind the chair with clients, VHE founders understand the challenges of building and maintaining a salon business.

Because of the years spent perfecting each method and the tools that go with it, VHE Academy can offer a level of education to the aspiring hair extension artist, that no other training can.
VHE will give you the knowledge, training and coaching to become a six-figure stylist!

We look forward to leading you on this journey!

-Donovan Eastman, Tru Eastman, Jaci Finch

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